Garden King Derby | Tips for watering and lawn maintenance
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Tips for watering and lawn maintenance

Tips for watering and lawn maintenance

When they require first class services for garden maintenance Derby residents come to us. We work throughout the year, removing waste, mowing grass, cutting hedges, and more. You can employ us for on-going services or one-off jobs. Moreover, after every service, we will remove and recycle as much garden refuse as possible.

Gardening is an activity that many homeowners enjoy doing. However, not everyone has the time to really put effort into their exterior spaces. This is largely due to their busy schedules. There are ways we can still provide our gardens with adequate attention however. You can read the tips we’ve prepared here to find out how.


First, we’ll talk about watering. Make certain that your flowering beds are evenly moist. For the best results, water them one or two times each week. The ideal times to water your plants are early in the morning and during the evening. The soil is at its coolest here, meaning less water will evaporate.

To prevent mould formation, don’t water plant heads or leaves. Water gently as well so that you don’t damage anything.

The lawn

Now, we will move onto the lawn. You’ll need to keep it safe from the hot weather. Temperatures that reach as high as 26°C shall encourage growth. However, anything that exceeds 30°C will do the opposite.

Should the temperature start rising, don’t cut your grass too short. What you must do instead is leave it standing at roughly 5cm. This shall stop the soil drying out and protect the grass from the sun.

The perfect time to water your grass is between 4 and 8am. To make sure you don’t over-water, use 10 to 15 litres of water per square meter.

At Garden King, we offer a fixed price for our services. This depends on the time and the amount of jobs we have to do. An initial meeting will give us the opportunity to agree on a schedule for every service. Following this, we’ll be able to supply you with a written quote.

Our aim is to be the top name for garden maintenance Derby has to offer. As a result we work to offer the best services every time. You’re welcome to get in touch with us anytime if you’d like to speak with our team.

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